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Take Individual Courses

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Not ready to take the plunge into a whole program? No problem, many of our courses are now available individually.

Individual Course Information

Why can't I take the whole program as individual courses?

We believe learning in community is important which is why we train in cohorts. In order to maintain the integrity of these cohorts we reserve some of the coursework for those committing to the whole program.

What courses are available individually?

Mostly our pre-recorded lectures and electives are available as individual courses, while our in-person and live online courses are reserved for cohort members. You can see the list here.

What if I join a cohort after completing several individual classes?

The most cost effective way to complete our program is to commit to the whole thing, however, we won't make you repeat courses you have taken with us and we will pro-rate your tuition accordingly.

How do I sign up?

We use a learning platform called Thinkific to host our courses. The links on this page will direct to our learning products where you can pay and enroll for individual courses. If you are interested in joining an upcoming cohort, head over to our the psilocybin program page to apply.

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