Psilocybin Training Program
Get on the path toward Measure 109 licensure with Synaptic Training Institute

(The program is currently pending HECC accreditation, but has been approved by the Oregon Health Authority (OHA))


Program Overview

Our psilocybin program was created to qualify graduates for licensure as psilocybin facilitators under Oregon’s Psilocybin Services Initiative (Measure 109) which was passed by Oregon Voters in 2020 and taking effect in 2023. Our program will feature two in-person retreats, three online weekends, and a weekly evening session, over the course of six months. Other requirements can be completed during this time or within a year of the start date, and include participation in 10 journal clubs, completion of pre-recorded lectures and activities, and at least 30 hours of practical experience plus 10 hours of consultation from one of our mentors. 


We aim to create a vibrant, conscious, and diverse community that optimizes not only the learning experience but creates healing and growth opportunities. Each cohort will consist of 30 trainees and will be placed in home groups of four for various activities including group supervision.

Journal Club

A journal club is a meeting of professionals wherein members take turns presenting summaries of peer-reviewed journal articles and facilitating some discussion. Trainees will be required to attend 10 sessions (1 hour each), held on Fridays at 1 pm, and present one paper (30 minutes).


  • Due to the recent discovery of requirements to comply with accreditation standards set by the Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC), all psilocybin programs in the state are suspended from proceeding at this time. We expect to have more information in August regarding a timeline to begin training.

  • Format for the program will consist of:

    • 12 weekly 90 sessions on a weeknight online

    • 3 online weekend intensives (5 hours on Saturdays, 4 on Sundays)​

    • Two in-person retreats (at this time we have reserved December 2 - 4 - near Eagle Creek, OR


At this time we cannot admit or receive payment for the psilocybin program until we have received HECC approval

Per state law, students must be 21 years of age and have a high school diploma or equivalent to apply. We welcome both licensed and unlicensed professionals to apply, including those from out of state (though you must be an Oregon resident for two years to get a license until this rule sunsets in 2025).


Students will receive group and individual consultation with a mentor. Our in-person retreats will include breathwork and ketamine ceremonies for experiential learning (no psilocybin use will be permitted until 2023, thus later cohorts will be able to train with psilocybin). Fourteen hours of additional practicum will be required, but not provided. This is to ensure trainees have exposure to real-world situations. Opportunities and suggestions will be provided, but these hours must be approved in advance.


The cost of the full program is $8,000. We understand this is a lot of money for some people. We will be offering a limited number of scholarships at a variety of tiers to ensure each cohort, and subsequently, the practitioners entering the field, represent diverse backgrounds. Simply fill out the scholarship questions built into the application if interested. We also strongly encourage you to apply for a scholarship through the Sheri Eckert Foundation. Any scholarship awarded through them can be used at any accredited program in the state, including ours.

Waiver for Prior Experience

Trainees will have access to all training materials and will be encouraged to attend all training sessions regardless of prior experience. We will require documentation to justify waiving any such hours but will grant prior experience on a limited basis (for example, those with a degree in psychotherapy will not be required to take our core counseling skills course). Program costs will not be prorated regardless of waived requirements.