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Join the Synaptome

The Synaptome is our community space where we can share resources, engage in conversation, and participate in our twice monthly journal club and monthly consultation group.

What is a Journal club?

It's not a club that involves sharing our diary entries, rather its a meeting where colleagues present summaries of peer-review journal articles to one another, in this case, related to psychedelics. Ours meets on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month, 12-1pm PST.

What is a consultation group like?

The consultation group is a place for professionals in the psychedelic/entheogenic medicine field, working directly with clients to offer and seek support. You may have a case where is seems like you aren't making progress, facing an ethical gray area, or had a profound break through. Well, this is the place to share about it and get valuable feedback! We meet on the first Tuesday of the month, 12-1pm PST.

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30-day free trial and sliding scale options are available, otherwise we ask for $120 per year.

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