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Traditions of Mexico and Ecuador

Embark on a transformative journey at our immersive 8-day retreat in the heart of Tepoztlan, Mexico. Drawing on the ancient traditions of the Azteca and Chichimeca people of Mexico, as well as the Uwishin of Ecuador, this retreat offers a unique opportunity to deepen your knowledge of traditional medicine practices. (October 23-30, 2023)

Under the guidance of experienced facilitators, you'll learn to integrate traditional medicine practices into your work with psychedelics and deepen your understanding of their therapeutic potential. Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and stunning natural beauty of Tepoztlan as you connect with like-minded individuals and expand your horizons.

Join us for this unique and enriching experience and discover the transformative power of traditional medicine practices. Open to Synaptic students as well as students from other training programs or currently practicing facilitators.

A privately rented resort in Tepoztlan (under 2 hours from Mexico City) will feature the following:

  • 4 Traditional Medicine Ceremonies

    • We recommend partitipating in three of them

    • Option to participate in two ayahuasca, one psilocybin mushroom, and one peyote ceremony

  • Sweatlodge (Temazcal)

  • Making a shamanic hand drum workshop

  • Singing / Drumming workshop

  • Breathwork & Yoga

  • Elder workshop (tata Juvenal): about medicine, offering, singing, smudging, etc.

  • Tlamanalli : Flower altar / offering

  • Cacao ceremony & meditation

  • Nature Hike


Day 1 Reception, Opening circle

Day 2 Day: Nature hike and birdwatching; Night: Aya Ceremony 1

Day 3 Day: Rest + integration circle; Afternoon: Sweatlodge

Day 4 Day: Drum making workshop; Night: Aya Ceremony 2

Day 5 Day: Rest; Afternoon Breathwork & yoga, Tlamanalli Flower offering workshop

Day 6 Day: Elder workshop; Night: Peyote Ceremony with elder

Day 7 Afternoon: Cacao Ceremony; Evening: Mushroom Meditation/ceremony

Day 8 Early Integration circle and closure before 12.


  • Men's or Women's dorm (8 of each available) - $1,700 each

  • Shared room of three (2 available) - $1,850 each

  • Shared room of two (2 available) - $2,000 each

  • Private room (4 available) - $2,300

What is included:

  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday

  • Lodging

  • Ceremony and all classes/workshops

Not included:

  • Travel to the retreat center

  • A shuttle from the Mexico City airport can be arranged for ~$180 round trip

  • Massages (ayurvedica or traditional mexican) $65

To reserve your space, please fill out the quick application form below. Once we have processed your application, you will be contacted with further details and payment processing information.

If you have any question, please reach out to

October 23-30, 2023

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