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Announcing our Partnership with Wavepaths

We are pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement to partner with Wavepaths to provide training regarding the use of music in entheogenic experiences. Wavepaths was co-founded by Mendel Kaelen, PhD after he spent several years conducting research at Imperial College London on the role of music in their psychedelic therapy clinical trials. It was founded in 2019 with his co-founder Anna Rickman.

Wavepaths is a software that uses artificial intelligence to create musical experiences from original single tracks, weaving them together into a unique, immersive adventure. It enables practitioners to focus on what they do best, which may not include playing the role of a DJ. The software can be adjusted for emotional tone, and pre-set for length and flow, among other useful features. Trainees in Synaptic's programs will receive discounted access to the program for the duration of their training.

Software aside, the Wavepaths team, including Dr. Kaelen, will be providing over four hours of training content in theory and application of music in psychedelic experiences and therapy. And just to be clear, only one of these hours, which will be optional, will be about the Wavepaths software. Separate from this series, trainees will also learn from Erik Blender and Ashley Collins of OmTara about sound healing and performance of live music.

Wavepaths is waiving the fee for this training which will be credited directly to our internal scholarship fund which aims to make our program as accessible as possible to people of diverse socio-economic backgrounds.

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